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New Demi™ Hair Colour

Full Spectrum benefits include: Better- colour, vibrant, intensity and longevity conditions grey blending different customizable palettes for infinite colour possibilities improve the condition of damaged hair.

Aveda’s New Demi™ Hair colour – Spring 2018

For the past two years, scientists at Aveda have been researching and formulating a new demi line to meet their colourists and clients needs. 15 Years ago, Aveda’s last demi line – Full Spectrum Deposit Only Colour Treatment was released.

What Does This Mean?

Unique- up to 93% naturally derived, it makes it a customisable processing time is another improvement Full Spectrum Demi+™ boasts. Depending on the end result desired, colourists can choose to process five minutes with a five-volume developer (full processing time for a sheer tonal result) or up to 20 minutes with a 10-volume developer for more opaque grey blending.

All this is possible with a new gel formula that drives into hair and penetrates without the use of ammonia.







The formula itself, true to Aveda, is filled with plant-derived oils including L-arginine, which works as a power booster to increase pH for maximum colour deposit into every strand, which provides lasting results that fade on tone.

The five-minute processing time of Full Spectrum Demi+™ allows colourists to deliver beautiful, vibrant tone quickly—a game-changer for their business.

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